15 January
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I hold dear a great deal of things…..I love the martial arts and the culture surrounding them. I enjoy drawing along with some strange fascination for art and abnormal perspectives. HG Giger’s works holds great regard to my personality’s desires. Music is by far the rhythm of the universe. I have respect for all sounds of any sort but unfortunately country fails to please me. Even opera holds more status than the twanging sounds I loath so much. I love to DJ and put forth a lot of efforts into trying to better myself in creative good music for all to hear. I may not be the best but I enjoy it so much that it hold little relevance that hundreds around me are out there to DJ also. I love to meet people who like to chill and enjoy life and just be happy with what they are striving to achieve. Hell I’m not going to be successful at everything but I’m going to keep a good attitude about it damn it!